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Business Development: Applicant Friendliness in the New Age

We’re all trying to find ways to put food on our plates. Sadly enough, the first few weeks or months of the pandemic caused some of us to lose our jobs. The unemployment rate skyrocketed because many businesses had to lay off some of their employees to avoid going bankrupt. Luckily, businesses are slowly trying to get

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Ways to Make Your Commercial Landscaping Services More Eco-Friendly

If you’re currently thinking of buying a commercial landscaping franchise, there’s one thing you have to consider carefully: environmental impact. Not all landscaping practices are sustainable, even if the business as a whole promotes nature. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has some guidelines on “green landscaping.” They’ve laid out sustainability considerations for landscapers

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Start a Woodworking Business

Small businesses have popped up during this COVID-19 pandemic. There are many small business ideas that are appropriate for the current situation. One of these is making craft products that are handmade. These handmade craft products may include woodworking as a project output. Woodworking is an activity that involves intricate skills with working with wood.

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Strengthening The Workforce Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic was the beginning of a more widespread remote work setup. While this work arrangement has provided us a means to stay safe, there have been struggles identified with this format. Remote work has been a challenge for businesses and their respective teams in the workforce. The unemployment rate is high, but with

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Five Steps in Becoming a Socially Responsible Business

A decade or two ago, it wouldn’t have mattered what your views are politically and socially. Consumers go about their own lives and advocacy without demanding the same from the businesses that they support. Over the years, they’ve realized that businesses are making money off them, and they need to demand that they take a

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Go Green in Your Company with These Sustainable Practices

The effects of global warming continue to surface, and it can be seen in the multiplying onslaught of natural disasters and the consistent rise of temperatures in areas all over the world. Although efforts in mitigating the impact of climate change seem to be quite futile, there’s still enough time for you to reverse the

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Ways to Highlight Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Marketing Strategies

As people’s social and environmental awareness grew, the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became widely discussed in corporations and consumer groups. Corporations started committing to CSR in order to leave a more positive impact on their communities, while consumers considered CSR an important factor in their purchasing decisions. But what is CSR, really? It’s a broad

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Easy Tips to Make Your Work Environment More Appealing

A study done by Gettysburg College shows that the average person spends around 90,000 hours in the workplace over a lifetime. Typically, people spend a lot of time at work. This means that this should be a welcoming place not only for workers but also for clients. In fact, there is a significant relationship between

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Planning to Be an Entrepreneur? Here’s How to Prepare Your Family

Parents often look to business as the ultimate financial solution. No more extra hours and endless presentations to bag the next promotion. No more waking up at ungodly hours to beat the traffic and make sure you’re not getting deductions on your salary. More importantly, you’ll have more than enough to give your spouse and

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