Speeding on the Freeways: Rules to Remember When Driving Large Vehicles

Large vehicles are becoming a regular feature on roads globally, but handling them can be challenging, especially when cruising along a bustling freeway. In fact, from 2015 to 2017, of the hundreds of thousands of car accidents that happened, over 11,000 fatal crashes on American roadways involved large trucks. That’s why when handling larger vehicles, it’s wise to be cautious when driving for everyone’s safety on the road.

Here are the different rules you should keep at the forefront of your mind when driving large vehicles along busy highways at all times.

Light Up

Ensuring your vehicle is fully lit up is essential for other drivers to see where you are on the road, especially when you drive at night or navigate your way through bad weather. Not being visible on the road, especially when driving a massive vehicle, can result in a disastrous situation. For extra safety, make sure to install emergency light bars for your truck to let passing traffic be aware of your presence. Plus, it’s illegal to drive in some states if your vehicle has faulty lighting, so it’s best to have it checked before hitting the road.

Stay Away From Other Large Vehicles

Even if you’re driving an 18-wheeler, if you see other large automobiles like buses or semi-trucks tailgating you, never overtake them and either let them pass or give them space to go around you. After all, two large vehicles colliding can only spell trouble. It’s also wise to stay away from smaller cars as truck tires can kick up debris that can damage an average-sized car’s windshield.

Be Aware of ‘Blindspots’

Large vehicles have blind spots that can easily hide smaller cars. Remember that when driving past smaller vehicles, if you can’t see the driver on your offside mirrors, it means they can’t see you too. To counter this, when cruising on multilane roads like motorways, try to use your signal lights to inform drivers which lanes you plan on driving on.

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Always Drive Safely Following the Speed Limits

A roadways’ maximum speed limit is usually only for that particular path. However, whatever lane you may be on, it’s wise to always travel within the speed limit of road and traffic conditions. In other words, all drivers are responsible for cruising at safe speeds and ensuring they aren’t posing a danger. When driving, make sure you pay attention to the road signs and follow their instructions to avoid legal troubles, lose your job if you drive trucks for a living — and ensure everyone’s safety on the road.

Respect Everyone’s ‘Right Way’

If you see a vehicle driving hurriedly, don’t obstinate and give them space to drive on even if you have your legal rights in refusing. That’s because whatever the driver’s reason for going at such high speeds, trying to cut them off using a large vehicle isn’t ideal — so it’s best to let them through. Never block or impede their paths as it can increase your risk of an accident. When behind the wheel, always remember that your goal is safely reaching your destination and not showing off to unruly drivers.

Driving on busy freeways can be dangerous and challenging, especially when you’re cruising around using larger vehicles as they move slower, occupy more space on the road, and take longer to stop. Whether you drive 18-wheelers for a living or rented a U-haul to move your things to your new home, embrace the safety rules mentioned for a safer trip.

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