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Toddlers Aren’t Defiant, Just Often Misunderstood

We love kids and know just how tough it is to be a parent nowadays, given the fact that your workspace, place for rest, and your kid’s playground environment have been merged into one single place called your home for the past year or so. And while most parents have the ability to deescalate and

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data protection

Why Nonprofit Organizations Must Secure Their Online Data

Nonprofit organizations are prime targets for hackers because they know these organizations have funds. Nonprofit organizations receive donations from private foundations and individuals. They also hold fund-raising activities. They do make a profit sometimes when they have surplus funds. They are exempt from paying taxes; therefore, all their income goes into their budget for charitable

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Keeping Up with the Times: Understanding Modern HVAC Efficiency

Due to the growing fossil fuel prices and environmental concerns, reducing the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC systems is becoming increasingly crucial. It is a continuous challenge for HVAC owners and technicians to lower building energy use without sacrificing comfort or indoor air quality. The current state of HVAC systems

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How Businesses Can Practice Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims to help improve the community, the environment, the economy, and the consumers. In these modern times, businesses need to have a socially conscious and responsible image. Employees, investors, and consumers prefer companies prioritizing giving back, ensuring good business practices, and reducing their carbon footprint. Hence, companies who practice CSR have

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Create a Brand Community with These Knowledge in Mind

The pandemic has set up marketers for an unprecedented challenge. With society visibly undergoing a crackdown, brands face the dire urge to communicate themselves more genuinely, giving the average audience a sense of connection. Given the many social events organizations have to take a stand for, a brand has ceased to exist merely for itself and is

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Before Opening Your First Restaurant, Think of the Costs

With the economy slowly opening, there’s a good chance you could be brewing business ideas in your head. On one end, over 100 million Americans have been vaccinated. Though that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve attained herd immunity, it’s a great start. Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is sending advisories on how to travel

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kid learning

Helping Your Child Navigate The Online Classroom In 2021

There’s no denying that the outbreak of covid-19 changed education forever as it forced all schools worldwide to transition onto an online framework, regardless of relative preparedness or if they even had the infrastructure to support it. And while many will argue that online education has long been a rising trend, we can’t forget that

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A Guide to Responsible Homeownership: Money Edition

Owning a house is a different level of responsibility. Its responsibilities are not that different from renting an apartment, but just a little more–especially with the financial aspect. From taxes involved to the bills to pay, owning a house is a different arena for your money. There are things to pay for that you didn’t have to

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The Government Is Using Outdated Equipment. Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone worldwide believes that the United States government function using the best technology they have in the country. But this isn’t entirely the case. It’s been reported that a couple of essential departments in the US government are still running on thirty-year-old legacy systems. Some of these legacy systems don’t even have updates anymore, and

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