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Supporting Your Children through a Divorce

It is an obvious fact that divorce is an incredibly tough time for the two parties involved. One thing that is equally true is that divorce is also difficult for the children whose lives will be affected by the divorce. For children, their parents’ separation means a change in family holidays, living situations, and so

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You Only Die Once, Do It Right

What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you read the title of this article? “That’s quite bold. How could they talk about death like that?” That’s the thing, though. We don’t talk about death quite often. If there are ever two things that we all share, it’s life and death. All of us were

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Why the Court Can Assign a Guardian Ad Litem in Custody Cases

Talking about break-ups can be tough, especially for children. Many parents stay together for the kids, but this is not always the case. And when parents separate, they do not always agree about custody. It can be emotionally devastating for children to witness their parents separate. However, they will end up staying with just one

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Torts: What You Need to Know

When a group or an individual’s acts or negligence produces harm or injury that amounts to a civil wrong to another group or individual, liability is one thing people on the receiving end of the injury look for. In a legal context, the term injury pertains to the invasion of any right granted to a

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Speeding on the Freeways: Rules to Remember When Driving Large Vehicles

Large vehicles are becoming a regular feature on roads globally, but handling them can be challenging, especially when cruising along a bustling freeway. In fact, from 2015 to 2017, of the hundreds of thousands of car accidents that happened, over 11,000 fatal crashes on American roadways involved large trucks. That’s why when handling larger vehicles,

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Protecting Your Kids During the Divorce Process

Divorce spares no one. If you are in the process of getting divorced, it’s normal to worry about your kids. How will it affect them? Is this going to be a traumatic experience for them? Are you forcing them to choose between you and the other parent? In general, kids can cope with divorce. They

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4 Responsibilities of Parents to Their Children

The apple does not fall far from the tree. The saying remains a popular quote due to the effect of a parent’s way of raising their children. The beliefs and values that a kid will show to other people will be a reflection of how the adults treated them inside their homes. There are a

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Expert Witnesses: Calling in Medical Professionals to Testify in a Case

When there are technical aspects to a case, legal teams usually call upon an expert witness to the court. These expert witnesses that help shed light on a situation. They can explain the processes and procedures of a technical field, like engineering and medicine, so that laypeople understand them. Because of their expertise, the judge

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Riding a Motorcycle in Winter: Is It Safe?

Winter makes it hard for people to drive since most roads are covered with snow and ice. This condition puts drivers at risk of road accidents, whether you drive a four-wheel or two-wheel vehicle. Many motorcyclists, however, can’t resist to take their bikes out on the road despite the weather condition. But is it safe

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