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mom hugging her daughter child custody

5 Tips for Dealing With Child Custody

Put your child’s needs first when making custody decisions. Communicate with your co-parent respectfully and constructively. Keep detailed records of your interactions with your co-parent. Be willing to compromise and work towards a shared goal of what is best for your child. Consider hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and protect

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family with a sick man in bed in their home

Family Matters: How Patients Rely on Family at Their Last Days

Family members provide emotional support, care coordination, advocacy, quality time, and grief support for their loved ones during end-of-life care. They can create an environment of communication where the patient can express their feelings and wishes. Being present is essential to provide comfort and a peaceful atmosphere for the patient. Respecting the patient’s dignity is

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new driver

Teaching New Drivers To Navigate Risky Road Situations for Safer Communities

• Acquire necessary licenses and qualifications before driving. You may need to pass a learner’s permit exam if you’re a teen. • Stay alert and focused when driving. Avoid distractions like your phone or music. Make sure you are well-rested before driving. • Obey traffic signals and always yield the right-of-way when necessary. You’ll stay

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Community Concerns: Listening Strategies for Non-profits

• Establish regular communication with stakeholders to stay informed and gain insight into what the community needs from your organization.  • Collect feedback from the target audience using surveys with visual or audio clips to make it interactive.  • Set up a hotline with trained staff, headphones, a voicemail system, and call recording software to

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A mother hugging his sad son

Navigating Co-Parenting When Your Ex’s Behavior Suddenly Changes

• When co-parenting with an ex, any sudden changes in their behavior can cause concern for the children’s welfare. • Substance abuse and mental health issues may be underlying causes of erratic behavior.  • It is important to approach the situation thoughtfully and seek help from professionals such as therapists, lawyers, and authorities. • Working

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Talking with counselor

How Mental Health Impacts Your Community

Mental health is a critical public health issue in the U.S., with increasing numbers of people affected and potential impacts on physical, emotional, and social well-being. Poor mental health affects the quality of life, social bonds, economic productivity, and political engagement within a community. Communities can help by raising awareness about mental health issues, providing

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How to Create a Socially Responsible Business

• A socially-responsible business takes extra steps to ensure it positively impacts society.  • Supporting charitable causes and donating a percentage of profits are two ways to demonstrate social responsibility.  • Businesses can reduce their environmental footprint by investing in green energy sources, reducing waste, and donating excess equipment.  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in

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Senior care in community

4 Unfortunate Ways Your Community is Making Life Miserable for Seniors

Seniors are a growing demographic in the U.S., driven by the aging of the Baby Boomer generation and improved life expectancy. Many communities lack reliable transportation options accessible for seniors with limited mobility and social support networks for them to engage in. High cost of living can make basic expenses, such as rent or food,

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Exploring the Many Benefits of Giving Back to the Local Community

Donating money to schools is crucial, as it helps support school programs and teaching resources. Volunteering can be incredibly fulfilling and help create long-term change in communities.  Mentoring is a powerful way to give back, providing younger members of society with guidance and support. Helping elderly neighbors with everyday tasks is a great way to provide much-needed

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cctv camera

Various Equipment Needed To Ensure Safety in the Community

Signal lights ensure the safety of roads by providing a visual cue of when to stop and go. Emergency lighting systems provide illumination in case of power outages or natural disasters, enabling occupants to navigate affected areas safely. Fire extinguishers can help mitigate the impact of fires in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. First aid

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