Break the Cycle: Take Up Performing Arts to Bring Fun and Excitement into Your Life

Do you ever feel that your life is just an endless cycle of going to work and going home? Are you tired of this kind of life? If your answer is ‘yes’ to both, then it’s high time that you try your hand at something new to add a little fun and excitement to your life.

There are various sports you can take up if you want to engage in physical activities. You can also dabble in painting or sculpture to satisfy the artist in you. But if your heart is in using your voice and body to express yourself, why not try performing arts? Read on for three types of performing arts you can get into.


If music is a huge part of your everyday life, it’s a good idea that you try something that involves this art form. The good thing is there are many music-related activities you can choose from. Singing, for one, will prove to be fun (even if you can’t carry a tune!). Learning how to play an instrument or two, such as the drums and piano, is an interesting option, as well. Or maybe you want to be involved in the artistic process of creating music through songwriting. You can learn all these on your own, but if you want professional and technical guidance, you can always enroll in a music school.


If you can’t help but move your body to the beat every time you hear some music, then you should consider getting yourself into dancing. While you’re already probably too old to learn ballet, you can opt for ballroom dances like swing, tango, and waltz, which would be easier to learn. Hip-hop and breakdance are great choices for a more upbeat and modern dance form. To the ladies (and some brave gentlemen out there!), pole dance and belly dance are popular nowadays, so give them a try and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Remember that with dancing, you’ll not only get to do something you like but also help yourself stay fit and active.


Is taking on different characters or roles your idea of a good time? The theater might just be the perfect avenue for you. You can, for example, dress up and take the part of the hero or heroine (who is doomed to die in the end!) in a well-loved Shakespearean play. In a musical, you get to showcase your singing and dancing skills, along with your acting chops. However, unlike with music and dance, in which you can indulge all on your own, you’ll have to prepare yourself for performing in front of a crowd, however small, if you choose theater.

Break the Cycle

people in dance studio

So if ever you find yourself in an endless loop of going to work and going home, break it! Go out there and do something new like getting involved in music, dance, and theater to add a little fun and excitement to your life.

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