Wanting to Change Profession? Here Are Some Booming Industries to Consider

People change careers for various reasons. Some folks desire to change profession so they can enjoy greater benefits and open up more advancement opportunities. Others switch jobs to follow a passion they couldn’t previously or to strike a better work-life balance. In many cases, money is a motivating factor for a career change. If you’re also seeking a new job in the hopes of making more money, you should consider pursuing opportunities in the following industries.


The lack of a college education can be an obstacle when chasing better-paying careers, but there are still good opportunities. Although physically demanding jobs often don’t pay well, some opportunities offer more money than others. Those planning to change profession who are focused mainly on jobs that prioritize physical labor should look at the rigging industry.

According to Zippia, the average annual salary for riggers in the U.S. is right around $41,700. You can earn even more money as a rigger if you look for jobs in California. Many rigger jobs in the Sunshine State offer annual salaries over $60,000. Check out the opportunities available there if you want a more lucrative career in the rigging industry.

While most rigger jobs don’t require applicants to possess a college education, you will still need work experience. Training with professionals to develop your skills as a rigger is critical to landing any decent job opportunity. You must also learn to use a chain sling, a crane, and other pieces of equipment to become a rigger.

A career in the rigging industry can also be quite interesting. You may have opportunities to work in the movie and TV industries if you develop the right connections. Major construction projects also offer long-term opportunities to people in this industry.


Dermatology is probably not what you had in mind while trying to come up with booming industries. Regardless, the numbers indicate that the aforementioned industry is poised to grow considerably over the next few years. According to Precedence Research, the market value for the dermatology industry is projected to reach $3.14 billion in 2032. That upward movement will be carried by a compound annual growth rate of 7.03%.

Even if you’ve noticed more dermatology clinics opening in recent years, the growth of the industry may still be surprising to you. Two main factors are driving the considerable growth within the dermatology industry. Those two factors are greater awareness and continuing innovation.

Now that more people are aware of various skin conditions and how serious they can be, they are less hesitant to seek treatment. Once you change profession to a dermatologist, you’ll see just how in-demand their services are. The emergence of innovative treatments such as facial dermaplaning has made caring for your skin easier. You can find the skincare option that suits you best and build a treatment plan based on that.

Dermatology careers can also become more lucrative for professionals open to moving. The industry is currently booming in North America, but it is expected to grow even more in Asia. Great earning opportunities are available if you’re willing to take your dermatology practice overseas.


High-quality media is more accessible than ever. The rise of the internet has made curating your media diet easier than ever, and you can focus solely on quality sources. In recent years, we’ve also seen how media have increasingly catered to niches. No matter how you consume information, there are media channels out there that can cater to your preferences.

The emergence of more niches within the media complex has opened the door for more growth. If you have a unique vision for animated media, you can pursue a career in that niche. Start learning about animated video production services and bring something fresh to the typical media diet.

You can also start your media career by covering topics you are passionate about. Within the video game industry, you can find more websites covering specific genres instead of the industry as a whole. Building a significant following using that media approach is possible. Keep that in mind while you’re contemplating whether to change profession.

The considerable growth the media industry enjoys today is not solely due to new trends taking hold. A market has also developed for more traditional forms of media. Magazines may not have the large markets they used to, but you can still find subscribers in certain niches. Take advantage of the developing media landscape to launch a new career with immense earning potential.

Residential Services

People are busier than ever. It’s common for adults in any household to spread themselves thin due to childcare, job obligations, and workout routines. Any free time they do have remaining goes toward additional sleep or engaging in a hobby. That reality of modern life should help explain why residential service companies have become more popular.

Due to that constant time crunch, people are deciding to outsource their household chores. Instead of spending whatever free time they have on cleaning or administering repairs, they opt to entrust those chores to professionals. You should also have no trouble finding residential service companies that can cater to your needs.

A power washing service can help restore the appearance of your driveway. Roofers can address leaks and repair broken tiles. Landscaping professionals can transform your backyard and create the scenery you’ve always wanted.

Alternatively, you can be the person that people call if they need help with their housework. Look to change profession after identifying the most requested residential services in your area. Make your service offerings as relevant as possible to your neighborhood so you can help more homeowners. More people may also take an interest in your business because they recognize your familiarity with the area.


The legal services market is in the midst of a significant boom period. According to Statista, the size of the global legal services market nearly hit $797 billion in 2023. Notably, that number also represents an increase of around $9.5 billion from 2022.

So, what factors are contributing to the growth of the legal services industry? For starters, we’re seeing more businesses and individuals seeking legal recourse whenever they feel doing so is appropriate. People have generally become more aware of their rights, and more are fighting for what’s rightfully theirs.

Another driving factor for the growth of the legal services industry is the rise of cases related to the internet and virtual properties. If you change profession to a software patent attorney today, chances are you’ll have no trouble finding clients. Focusing on those new frontiers of legal services is important for any new lawyer or other professional entering this industry. Cases related to those matters will only become more prevalent in the years ahead, and you must account for that to maximize your career prospects.


Of all the industries we’ve highlighted so far in this article, perhaps none are likely to change as much as the field of IT. Now is the time to change profession if you’re interested in information technology because intriguing job opportunities are expected to increase. The landscape of IT is changing for various reasons, but there are contributing factors that cannot be ignored.

First off, we need to discuss the role that AI has in pushing the growth of the IT industry upward. AI technology has become more accessible than ever, and businesses are looking to get the most out of it. Business owners will need to enlist the help of IT professionals to ensure the AI programs they’re using are meshing well with their processes. Without that input from an IT professional, it can be hard to tell if the new technology is delivering the expected results.

Cybersecurity also remains a foremost concern for many businesses operating in this day and age. Truthfully, many businesses are still not doing enough to protect themselves from nefarious entities aiming to steal their data and virtual assets. You can enjoy a lucrative career from becoming a foremost authority on cybersecurity. While working your way up to that lofty perch, you can provide Microsoft SQL server support and other security-focused services.

Real Estate

It’s hard to justify a change profession to a real estate agent right now. With house prices still on the high side, many potential buyers are opting to bide their time. However, the current realities of the housing market indicate that things are expected to improve sooner rather than later.

According to Forbes, demand for homes is expected to stay well ahead of supply for a while. That’s why local land plots for sale at affordable prices are hard to find. When those plots become available, buyers quickly snatch them up.

You want to enter the housing market now as a realtor because you will have more clients to choose from. Many eager buyers are looking for reasonably priced properties and know realtors can quickly point out the available options. Buyers understand that browsing the current housing market without a realtor is just a futile exercise.

Recent trends within the housing industry also indicate that more construction projects are coming soon. Many buyers who have been monitoring the real estate market for a long time are likely waiting for the arrival of those new properties. You can cater to those potential clients by joining the real estate industry in the near future.


The world of professional athletes remains as exclusive as ever. Unless you are fortunate enough to be born with remarkable physical talents and traits, chances are you won’t become a famous athlete anytime soon. Still, that doesn’t mean the world of sports is closed off to you for good. You can still change profession to something in related sports and enjoy a good career.

Consider getting into sports organizing so you can develop a robust clientele within that field. Check out Speed Pitch and offer that to parents planning parties for their kids. More and more adults are also developing an interest in pickleball. Host pickleball tournaments in your area and cultivate your reputation as the go-to organizer.

You can also go down the coaching route if you’re looking to build a career in sports. Leverage your knowledge of your favorite sport into a coaching career and enjoy a professional pursuit that aligns with your passion. Previous experiences you had in high school, college, or amateur sports as an athlete will come in handy if you’re trying to become a coach.

A background in IT or data analysis can also prove useful if you’re trying to enter the sporting world. Sports teams are using more data to make high-level decisions. You can use your data background to show teams you can be an asset.

Auto Repair

Using an air bag jack to lift your vehicle and conduct repairs is rarely ever an ideal solution. DIY car repairs don’t always go as planned. In many cases, motorists still prefer relying on auto mechanics to resolve their car troubles.

There’s a promising career opportunity available if you decide to change profession to an auto mechanic. Career opportunities in the auto repair industry remain highly appealing due to the consistently high demand for quality services. If you can prove that you have the skills necessary to handle varied customer concerns, you will have a long career in that field.

The key to having a long and successful career in the auto repair industry is making sure your skills remain relevant. Car technologies are constantly evolving, and mechanics need to keep up. You must stay up-to-date on the latest developments to provide informative answers and helpful service whenever customers are in the shop. Continue learning and refreshing your training so you can offer the best repair services.

Is now the right time for you to change profession? It’s certainly difficult to ignore the abundance of intriguing job opportunities available in booming industries if your current career has grown stagnant. Don’t shy away from chasing those opportunities if you believe they are right for you. You can also visit our website to learn more about promising job opportunities!

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