The Story of a Trampoline Park

As a fan of trampolines from a young age, Tanner Braungardt wanted to do something spectacular. After having found his love with the first trampoline his mother got him, there was no other destination other than becoming a trampoline athlete. As he grew, so did his passion and soon he found longer trampolines and began building his brand around trampoline tricks.

Over time, he built a following that allowed him to do something that most people can only dream of; Building a jump trampoline park events and all! It was an insane jump, no pun intended, from starting out in his backyard to implementing and designing an entire facility, what an adventure!

The process started with just a flat piece of land where he started with building a warehouse-type building. Then, he started on getting the infrastructure built with the help of someone far more knowledgeable.

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Then, after the infrastructure came custom trampolines, foam pits, jump pads and all of the safety equipment you could think of. Even though he and his friends didn’t know exactly what they were doing, they persevered and pushed through to make a dream come true.

To see the completed project, take a look at the video above where you can see the pink and blue themed jump park!

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