Go Green in Your Company with These Sustainable Practices

The effects of global warming continue to surface, and it can be seen in the multiplying onslaught of natural disasters and the consistent rise of temperatures in areas all over the world. Although efforts in mitigating the impact of climate change seem to be quite futile, there’s still enough time for you to reverse the effects of global warming and help the Earth heal. Individual efforts are needed, but with collective action, especially in workplaces, you can make a bigger impact, which will result in significant change. For your company to help solve this social and environmental issue, below are sustainable practices you can do.

Use Less Paper

Going paperless is continuously becoming the norm in workplaces. Aside from being the more eco-friendly option, it is also cheaper because you use fewer resources and deal with less waste. Eliminating the use of paper in your operations will also make your documents more secure since they will not be recorded in perishable materials. You can use cloud systems to store your documents and an inventory system to track your stocks and resources.

Encourage Carpooling

One of the main causes of global warming is greenhouse gases, and cars are one of the machines that produce greenhouse emissions. Simple car rides can already add more to the emissions in the ozone layer, making it the leading cause for its damage. A way to combat this is by driving green. For your company to join the global effort in healing the environment, you can encourage your employees to take public transportation on their way to work by providing them with transportation allowance, promoting carpooling among groups, and even motivating them to cycle or walk to work if they live close by.

Unplug Machines

Electrically powered machines can also cause greenhouse gas emissions. Since your operations in the office need power, the best thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is by unplugging machines. This will also be a way for you to save operation costs, allowing you to incur more funds, which you can use for other causes or give your employees a better working environment.

Choose Reusables

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One vital principle in taking on the social responsibility of being an eco-warrior is using things that can be used multiple times. Minimizing waste is important because with less waste comes the reduced need for landfills. Landfills produce methane, a type of greenhouse gas that is detrimental to the ozone layer. By using reusables for your office kitchen’s mugs, plates, and spoons, you get to deal with less waste and do your part in maintaining a clean environment.

Opt for Clean Energy Sources

Fossil fuels are largely used in homes and different establishments to provide you with the power you need to run appliances. This energy source releases carbon dioxide that traps heat in the atmosphere, making it a major cause of global warming. To take part in the fight against climate change, you can turn to green energy sources to power your office operations. Some renewable energy sources include solar, hydro, and wind energy, which produce no greenhouse emissions and even lessens air pollution.

Natural Light

Another way to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your energy costs is by using natural light during most of your business hours. The lighting in your office can cause eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness, making it harder for your employees to work. Besides its energy-saving facilities, natural lighting also provides your staff with their much-needed vitamin D and helps bolster their productivity.

Decorate with Plants

Most office spaces are designed with small and confined rooms, sometimes even without windows. Without good ventilation and access to fresh air, it’s easy for your staff to feel stuffy, which can greatly affect their performance. To make your workplace more eco-friendly and let you do your part in saving the environment, decorating with live plants will help. Plants provide fresh oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide, and help clean the air, allowing you to provide your employees with a better and cleaner work environment while naturally having them involved in the efforts of saving the planet.

Practice the Three Rs

The best guide you can have for a sustainably run workplace is by practicing the three Rs. Everyone is familiar with the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling, and these practices are also easy to do. By turning these sustainable practices into company-mandated policies, eco-friendly habits will become a natural part of your office culture. To make adhering to sustainable practices easier in the office, installing recycling bins to keep different types of trash segregated will greatly help.

By going green in your office operations, you not only reduce your operation costs and give your staff an eco-friendly working environment, but you also join in the worldwide effort of saving the planet.

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