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Staying true to the phrase, ‘no man is an island’ and ‘it takes a community to raise a child’ are present events that are happening in big and small communities. Because of the pandemic, various kinds of heroic acts have surfaced with the common goal of helping those in need during these troubled times.

Communities play a big part in a person’s life; whenever one is in trouble, the people they can run to for help belong in their community, making this type of relationship vital to any neighborhood. Given the recent events, there is no perfect time than now to start giving back to your community. Below are simple, yet meaningful ways you can do to create a positive impact in your community.

Contribute to a Food Pantry

Food is one essential that is hard to come by especially for households that took incredible hits from the pandemic. Unlike other commodities, meals are not necessities that can be cast aside. So for you to be able to extend your help to those in need during this trying time, doing acts, such as donating perishables to existing community pantries or starting one of your own, and motivating others to follow suit are good ways to begin. By encouraging others to do the same, you’ll be able to feed the families in your area.

Create a Fund Raiser

If you have a cause you feel strongly about or fervently want to help an individual but do not have the material and monetary means to, holding a fundraiser will help you build the amount or get the supplies you need. In exchange for their help, you can host events that provide various entertainments, like online concerts or talks in honor of the cause or person you want to help.

Hold Classes

Knowledge is something you can give for free. If you have skills that you think can help the individuals in your community, you can impart your knowledge and educate them for free. It’s a great idea to hold lessons on general subjects for kids who need tutoring, or host classes on different activities that will make for a good livelihood business. Through this, you can give people something that will not expire, add to their skill set, and even have the potential to help them make money.

Offer Services

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In some areas, especially in impoverished ones, essential services are limited and rare. Services like medical assistance are imperative in every community since sometimes the people residing in these areas don’t have the financial capacity to get the proper medical care for their conditions or are living too far away from hospitals. If you work in this field, you can give back to your community by offering your services for free. Aside from medical care, people also need legal advice, such as those offered by reliable family lawyers, to deal with some disputes involving the law.

Sign Petitions

An act that’s simple, but can go a long way, signing petitions will give organizations or people the support they need to fight for their cause. Government officials or public entities value public opinion, which is why when a certain cause is backed by millions and millions of people in the form of signatures, it possesses great power that can overturn any decision. Petitions can also be a way to spread awareness, especially when you sign online. Online petitions give you the option to share it via your social media accounts or through email so that it can reach your friends and garner more signatures.


In order for a kind of action to take place, different kinds of donations are needed. Although support in the form of signatures can already provide a community with the help they need, donations in monetary form, food, and clothing are still needed in order for organizations to muster the help that people need. Donating in-kind, clothing, food, and other essentials will help groups and organizations reach and provide for more communities.

Get Involved

Aside from giving material things, you can also be a part of the groups organizing drives and help people directly by volunteering for different causes. Volunteering is a way for you to personally assess the situation in a certain area and get an accurate reading on what kind of help its people need. By volunteering, you give people your time and effort, which they will surely greatly appreciate. You can start by joining organizations and offering up your skills that can help them in their drives and community work.

A little help goes a long way, and the world is in need of any kind of help right now. If you’re thinking of giving back to your community and don’t know where to start, choose from the list above and start being a part of the solution.

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