Certification: What Makes it Important?

In today’s world, certification is viewed by employers and businesses as added credentials that show workforce-readiness. These certifications are usually industry-specific. Meaning once you complete the certification process, you are prepared for employment and you have the skills employers are looking for. So don’t ignore that A+ 901 902 PDF file. Dig into it if you see yourself working in the IT industry. If you are a non-native English speaker, take that IELTS training seriously and finish it if you want to work in English-speaking countries.

Benefits of Certification

It gives you an edge over the competition.

The competition is often stiff in the corporate industry. Whenever employers conduct interviews, they usually can already identify which person is a fit for their company just by looking at their profiles. A certification in your profile puts you ahead of the game.

It expands your network.

Whether it’s the community earning the certification or the group that has already been certified, your connections will grow as you get to meet more people. Connecting to those who are still earning certifications can open doors for you through the classes, seminars, the web, or different meetings. The same can be said if you’re already certified and are part of the “club.”  

It boosts your confidence.

Having that piece of paper reminds you that all your goalsetting and hard work has paid off. Achievements such as these are solid confidence-boosters that can also spill over to other areas of your life.

It gives you the know-how required for the task at hand.

Preparing for certification entails hours of learning and studying a whole new body of knowledge. Passing the final exam means you have mastered that certain knowledge that’s only accessible to a select few.

It “rounds” you out. 

Experience works well with education. While it is true that experience is the best teacher, it does not mean it’s the only teacher. Education by the process of certification, allows you to be competitive and compensate for your lack of experience. 

It enables you to be a good mentor.

A good mentor is usually identified based on his or her longevity and experience in the industry. However, the best mentors go beyond their experiences and keep progressing by continually upgrading their know-how and skillsets via certification.

It sets you up for continuous learning. 

Employers are always on the lookout for those who want to keep learning and improving. These types of people add value to the company.

It equips you to gain more income. 

In most cases, those who take themselves seriously will invest in themselves. This communicates your commitment to your profession. For this reason, employers are also willing to invest in you if you are certified. This gives you more open doors compared to those who are not certified.

Higher income

It empowers you to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. 

Your mastery of the certification material puts you in a better position to evaluate other people’s talents and skills. You have a greater understanding and insight into the industry and the company’s needs.

It expands your territory. 

A certification helps create opportunities for you and gets your foot in the door of some industries. This is especially helpful to those who are seeking to switch careers. Certification in an entirely different career path lets them pursue a job that’s more suitable for them.

Getting certified not only gets you ahead of the pack but it also sets you up as a potential leader in the industry you’re in. It is a crucial investment in yourself and your career.

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