Build a Modern-style Home that Fits Your Budget

Building a home is the ultimate dream. It signifies that you’ve made it. You’ve created a family, or you’re on your way there. A good and stable job is providing you an improved lifestyle. Your savings and assets have grown exponentially as well. The next step is looking for a place to settle down. It’s where you’ll spend the rest of your life, build your roots, and build your legacy.

Of course, fulfilling a dream doesn’t mean just blowing all your money away on luxury items. It’s always ideal to make informed and economical decisions. After all, being cost-efficient doesn’t just start and end in choosing a location with ideal home interest rates. You must also think about the best house plan, long-lasting materials, functional furniture, etc.

One of the best ways to build a beautiful home while still adhering to a strict budget is creating a modern-style home.

What Is a Modern-style Home?

Many people may perceive a modern-style home as too simplistic. It’s not as lively as a cluttered and bustling home. Often, it’s seen as a style fit for a bachelor or bachelorette. We rarely see a family with kids and pets live in a modern home.

But these are all just misconceptions. A home’s life and character depend on the people that live in it.

Less is more is the basic tenet of a modern-style home. It breeds a minimalist lifestyle that’s beneficial to you in a mental, social, and economical way. Here is how you can build a modern home on a budget.

Design with an Open Floor Plan

The most basic description of a modern home is the open floor plan. The foyer directly leads to the living area. Then the living room is right by the dining area. The kitchen could be at the center of it all because families tend to spend most of their time there anyway.

By having an open floor plan, you won’t have to spend money on labor and materials to build rooms. You don’t have to think about buying doors, multiple light fixtures, and paint or wallpaper.

And with this, you’ll enjoy a spacious home even if it’s just a few square feet. You won’t feel stuffy. Plus, it’s even easier to bond with your family because you’re not separated by rooms.

Huge Glass Windows and Doors

A common feature of modern-style homes is floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. It’s not necessarily cheaper to install such windows and doors. But their payoff goes a long way.

They can be more energy efficient because they bring in vast amounts of natural light. If you live in a sunny location, you can even open them and use fresh air to ventilate your house.

They also add to the feeling of a spacious home even if technically it’s not that big. You have great views of nature. So that means you won’t have to spend money on decorations and displays to make your home lively.

Creative and Sophisticated Colors on Walls


Modern homes tend to veer away from unnecessary details like crown molding, which is common in most homes. Some homes install wall finishes like wood panels, stained-glass windows, and tile cladding. To stay true to your budget, you can opt for using paint.

To add character and uniqueness, design unique patterns of paint on the walls. Add geometric lines, and consider eye-catching color combinations. Let your creative instincts play by designing abstract patterns on your wall.

Functional and Stylish Furniture

“Less is more” is relevant here as well. When shopping for furniture, don’t get carried away with the fun things you can have. No one really needs a pool table in the shape of a banana (yes, that actually exists).

Look for pieces that you are sure will serve a purpose. If you own a lot of books, buy shelves. If your children have a lot of toys, cabinets and other storage spaces are crucial for you. It all depends on what your family needs.

Finally owning a home is one of the greatest achievements one can have. But that doesn’t mean you have to break your bank in doing so. You need to make smart choices and prioritize what your home needs. A modern-style home may just be the right one for you. As Marie Kondo advised, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”

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