How Traineeship Can Boost Your Employability during a Pandemic

In a competitive job market, your skills are the key to getting hired in your dream job. But with the COVID-19 pandemic continuously affecting the corporate landscape, employability has become more challenging than ever.

Since the pandemic, fresh graduates and young professionals have experienced learning and employment challenges because of the pandemic. Employers are laying off staff and operating with limited employees, which has discouraged many job seekers today.

In Singapore, students and fresh graduates found a perfect solution to survive the employability issues caused by the pandemic. Their citizens can earn a traineeship in Singapore to obtain valuable work experience while earning a monthly salary and other employee benefits.

Not all students think they’re prepared to work right after graduation. This is where traineeship plays an important role in helping young people explore more opportunities for career progression, skills upgrading, and further education. Employers who provide this type of training guarantee an informed and supportive environment to guide or move trainees toward apprenticeship, employment, or further education.

This article will discuss the importance of traineeship as a setting stone to get hired in a competitive job market. We’ll also explain what it means for your professional development and the future of your career.

Earning while learning

Traineeships combine training and paid work, which means you’re earning money while working on your professional qualification. The challenge lies in finding the right company that offers paid internships. These employers are willing to offer financial compensation to trainees, even if they aren’t working as full-time employees.

Most college students prefer paid internships to gain valuable work experience and earn money to fund their daily expenses and college tuition. When looking for internships, make sure to ask the hiring officer if they provide financial compensation to trainees.

Expand professional network

In the business world, everything is about the people you know. Learning how to expand your professional network is an essential skill every tradesman, business owner, and corporate employee should know. It helps you gain a strong reputation in your chosen field and gain new insights from seasoned professionals.

As a trainee, you will meet a lot of professionals in your industry. A traineeship is more than just making money, earning credit, or developing new skills; it’s also a perfect opportunity to learn, impress, ask questions, and acquire new skills from the people around you. You’ll never know if the people you meet during the traineeship can help you strengthen connections when looking for your first job.

Unlimited training fields

There are countless training opportunities in different sectors, such as business, information technology, construction, automotive, and culinary. Almost every company is open to hiring trainees they can hire later on after they finish school.

Training programs vary in different forms. Some allow trainees to gain qualifications in a certain skilled trade, while others provide vocational training in different fields. Whatever your preferred industry, training is a great opportunity to work in your desired field. This will also let you know if that certain niche is the right one for your skill set.

Gain a competitive edge in the job market

The job market has become more competitive than ever. Organizations have faced some of the worst economic challenges over the past decades, which means fewer companies are looking to hire new employees. Because of the work-from-home situation, more employers prefer experienced employees over fresh graduates because they require less supervision, handle several responsibilities, and are easier to train.

One of the greatest advantages of a traineeship is gaining sufficient work experience by the time you’ve set out to find a job. Training experience makes fresh graduates more marketable once they enter the job market. Even with the pandemic going on, employers won’t have a hard time training you since you have the right experience they’re looking for.

Among the sea of fresh graduates, training will give you an edge on every job application. You no longer have to feel intimidated if you’re applying for a job along with other experienced candidates.

If you get hired, the skills and knowledge you acquired during your traineeship can help you cope with workplace challenges. Also, you can get a higher salary because of the skills you possess.

In these times of economic recovery, a traineeship is the best way to boost your employability. Being equipped with the right knowledge and skills can help you gain exposure to work functions related to your career. So whether you are planning to acquire hands-on experience in a specific area or become a skillful corporate employee, taking a traineeship program is the key to landing your chosen career.

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