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Challenges That Filipino Students Faced After a Year of Distant Learning

Filipino students from all levels suddenly found themselves spending more time at home starting last year due to the pandemic. During the first lockdown, President Rodrigo Durterte shut down not just restaurants and stores but also schools in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Over a year later, the virus is still around and

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Part-time Studies: Factors That You Should Consider

Education has always been an integral part of how we view the world. The soft and technical skills that we learn from educational institutes are important for our future, and they will dictate many of our achievements in the years to come. A fully committed student will have thousands of opportunities for their career. However,

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Three Parenting Tips To Help You Discover Your Child’s Passion

If left to their own devices, many children would have spent the entire day in front of their gadgets. But as parents, it’s only understandable to ensure that your child gets the right education to enhance their unique talent. But how can you go about finding their interests and specific kind of intelligence? Some children

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Why Good Parenting Is Essential in Kids’ Growth and Improvement

Raising kids is always challenging, especially for first-time parents. You will often find yourself having a lot of questions about how to take care of your child. You also need to think of ways to get over the stress and pressure of becoming a responsible parent. Instead of focusing on what other people will say

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Parent’s Guide to Working From Home with Children

Being stuck in quarantine with your kids is already challenging enough. But when you have to work, too, how do you manage it all without losing your mind (or your patience)? The 2020 pandemic has forced many people to convert to work-from-home setups, and if being stuck at home is not already hard enough, parents

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Beat Quarantine Boredom by Learning a Music Instrument

The theater is dark, the crowd is quiet, and the spotlight is on you. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to notice the thousands of eyes fixed on you. You are too absorbed in your music, in the fading and intensifying notes, in the sadness and anger of your melody. You hit the last

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How to Keep Your Children Active During the Pandemic

Schools are extending closures due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic in the US. Like most other states, some schools are implementing virtual education systems for elementary to college students.  While it keeps their exposure to the coronavirus at a minimum, kids could be at risk of gaining weight or developing unhealthy habits due to confinement at

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Essential Improvements in the Way Schools Function

For the longest time, teaching in the classroom was set to a particular model. It would often be top-down, with teachers imparting to a hopefully not too passive class. A large part of learning was done by memorization, and tests were geared towards knowing facts as opposed to understanding concepts and problem-solving. However, the last

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What Is the Best State for a Construction Business?

Utah continues to buzz its way to economic growth. Take, for example, its construction industry. The Beehive State has the highest rate of growth of housing units from 2017 to 2018. It increased by 2% from 23,897. The national average during the period is less than a percent. It even beat Idaho, which has the

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