Stunning Levels Of Lead Traced In Northwest Indiana

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency federal officers are in a state of shock. Each and every time they test a yard in Northwest Indiana they come across some astonishing levels of lead contamination in the soil.

The soil samples that the federal officers have collected from over two dozen contaminated areas in Whiting and Hammond since October have fueled the idea of carrying out an extensive investigation in the neighborhoods.

The latest investigations from toxic neighborhoods by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that it could be the arsenic, lead and other heavy metals from a nearby uninhibited smelter could be the culprit for the soils in the neighborhood to get contaminated.

The people in the neighborhood are wondering why it took the feral agency to carry out a thorough investigation after so long. It is only after the agency started to dig out the old files of the polluted areas in northwestern Indiana that they started to investigate the Federated Metals site.

The people gave the opinion that the federal agency does not really care about them. There are over 10,000 people living near this abandoned smelter. The investigation carried out by the federal agency on the soils in the neighboring properties revealed that the lead content was up to five times more than the federal cleanup standards.

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