500 Municipal ID Cards Issued In Chicago On First Day

About 500 Chicago residents have got new municipal ID cards on the first day of the distribution of the CityKey cards. This is in retaliation to the restrictive immigration policies put forth by the Donald Trump administration.

Kate LeFurgy from the Chicago City’s clerk’s office said that the staffs are excited to handle the application and also process the identity cards. She says that there was an overwhelming response from the Chicagoans and this clearly shows that the municipal ID cards are in great demand.

The program was launched at the Kennedy-King College, located in Eaglewood by the Chicago City on Monday. There were more applications that the staff had to handle on Tuesday as well.

There are a few discounts and advantages on offer for the senior Chicagoans who apply for the card. They get discounts for sporting events, and also in museums and restaurants. The municipal ID card can be used as a Ventra card as well as a library card. This has attracted a lot more people to apply for the card.

Some of the basic information that residents need to fill in the application form like name, birthday, and address. They also need to submit certain documentation like photo ID, date of birth proof, and paperwork that shows that they are living in Chicago city.

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