12 Hours And 12 Shootings In Chicago

The Chicago gunfire had hit 12 people in just over 12 hours from Tuesday to the early hours of Wednesday. The shooting incidents in Chicago are turning out to be a regular day to day affair now. This is an alarming issue in the state and it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

A 4-year-old girl was one of the victims of the shooting incident. She was sitting in front of her house on the porch with her parents. She was in the 1000 Block of West 88th street. A dark sedan passed by her house and there was gunshot fired at the house. The bullet hit the girl’s shoulder luckily. Police said that the shot was intended for someone else. The girl was moved to Stroger Hospital and she is said to be out of danger.

Two people had to succumb to gunshots in over 12 hours. A 32-year-old man suffered a shot at, around 11:50 pm on West Washington Boulevard. He was in his car and he was taken to Stroger hospital by his relative. He was pronounced dead.

A son stabbed a 69-year-old father to death at 5:40 am on Wednesday. The son was taken into custody.

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