Chicago Mayor Calls For Sidewalk Cafe Season All Year Round

If the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way, then you could soon see the sidewalk café season to be all around the year. This is a big plan put forth by the Mayor to support the small businesses. The street food lovers will also love this new novel idea of the Mayor.

With the all-year-round patio season, the sidewalk cafes would also be open during the winters. Emanuel said that Chicago has been tougher as far as sidewalk cafes are concerned. But the Mayor wants to handle this situation a lot better now. The sidewalk Chicago restaurants are allowed only 9 month’s license to operate in a year.

If the restaurateurs feel that they can run their restaurant 12 months in a year, then why should their licenses be restricted for the three winter months. The Mayor is looking at improving the neighborhood economies and allows small businesses to make more money. The City Council needs to approve the mayor’s proposal before this vision gets legal status. The mayor says that the cost of the license for operating the sidewalk café would be the same.

The Mayor says that he does not mind people to come and eat at the sidewalk cafes wearing a windproof jacket.

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