Chicago Cop Hit On Head Responding To Domestic Fight

A police officer in Chicago got smacked on the head with a flower vase when he attempted to stop a domestic argument. This happened in the Woodlawn neighborhood on Wednesday early morning.

There was a call of a domestic battery in the 6400 block of the South Kenwood area. The police officer and his partner attended this domestic battery call. A woman on the street took them to an apartment where a person opened the door and shut it as soon as one of the officers entered the home. The person inside hit the officer with a flower vase before the officer’s partner was able to gain access inside the house. As soon as the 2nd officer went into the house, the attacker had fled the scene through the back door of the house.

The officer who was hit on the head suffered a good blow and was taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment to his head. He was transported from the scene to the hospital in an ambulance. After getting the treatment at the hospital, the police officer was in a stabilized condition and nothing to worry.

The suspect who hit the police officer on the head with a vase was later taken into custody.

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