Faster Transportation Between Chicago And Cleveland In The Pipeline

The car drive between Chicago and Cleveland takes close to five hours. The train journey between these two places would take anywhere between six to seven hours depending on the number of stops in between. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are vouching for a faster transportation between Chicago and Cleveland.

The best option is the Hyperloop transportation that has the Elon Musk touch. He wanted to create a transportation system that carries goods or passengers through low-pressure tubes at speeds close to 700 mph. If this tube becomes a reality between Chicago and Cleveland, then the distance between these two cities will be covered in half an hour.

So far, Hyperloop startups have all talked about the miles per hour it can clock and the kind of speed that these tubes can deliver. There is not much mentioned about the safety of the system. No one has said as to what would happen if a pod breaks down or if the passengers need to get out of a vacuum-sealed tube.

Despite all these odds, the city planners and the officials of state transportation are looking at different transportation alternatives for the future in the wake of population growth and curbs of traffic emissions.

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