How Illinois Illini Football Team Can Fare In 2018?

The Orange and the Blue Illinois Fighting Illini football have just won 8 of their last 56 outings with the top 10 opponents. The Illinois team will be starting the 2018 season with a record of ten game losing streaks behind their back. They have a very poor track record in the Conference.

The best thing about the Illinois football unit is their defensive skills. They have a very deep and young defensive group. Jamal Milan is a player to watch out for in 2018.

The freshmen Bobby Roundtree and Isaiah Gay also have the mettle to put up a very good show as defensive ends in the 2018 football season. There is an abundance of talent on the defensive side of Illinois that can pose a serious threat to any team on their day.

On the offensive side, Epstein will be the lead back. He will be ably supported by freshmen MJ Rivers and Coran Taylor with their passing. There is every chance for Cam Thomas to start this season. He will be doing the bulk of the running and rushing the forward attacks for the Illinois team. There is no way the offensive game of Illinois team got worse than their last year performance.

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