Shooting Incidents See An Alarming Rise In Chicago This Year

The year 2018 has seen plenty of gunfire and gunshots in Chicago. More than 600 people have suffered from gunshots in Chicago over the past three and a half months. This is an alarming figure and there needs to be some serious action that the authorities need to take to prevent shooting incidents.

The last weekend witnessed gunshot injuries to eight people and one life taken in Chicago. As of now, 611 people had to be victims of gunshots. The gun violence in Chicago has seen even higher levels in the last two years.

As many as 901 people suffered from gunshots in 2017 by this time of the year. In 2016, the figure was even worse at 946.

There is no doubt that the gun violence has come down drastically from the previous two years. But, still, over 600 people suffering from the gunshots is a major cause of concern.

There have been fewer homicides recorded for this year than the previous two years. The number of homicide victims stands at 127, so far this year. This figure is about 44 less than last year. The number of homicides in 2016 was 172 and the number of homicides in 2017 was 171.

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