Chicago Tribune Journalists To Form A Union

The Chicago Tribune is one of the oldest newspapers in Chicago. It is also a very prestigious newspaper of the region. The journalists and other staff members of the Chicago Tribune newspaper are pressing to form a new union for the welfare of the staff.

The journalists of the Chicago Tribune newsroom informed the management on Wednesday that they are going to form a new union. They also said that they have collected the signature for the same from a dozen of like-minded colleagues.

This paper has been very adamant about setting up of unions for decades. Hence, if this happens, then this will be a historic move by the staff members of the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

This new move from the Chicago Tribune staff will not go well with its corporate owner Tronc. The Los Angeles Times, the venerable day of the Chicago Tribune, has struck a sell-off deal in just a few weeks after the journalists of the daily were able to unionize their newsroom.

The newsroom journalists of Tribune newspaper say that the unionizing move will offer better pay for the staff and also make sure that the paper’s mission is easily fulfilled. The staffs have been thinking long about the union and it is only now that they are giving it a serious push.

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