Chicago Family Worried After Hearing Gunfire Shots Near Their Home

Kevin Benton was in his living room when he heard the gunfire sounds. He was worried if someone was shot in his family. He ran down the hall from his bedroom to check out if anyone has got hurt in his family.

After confirming that no one was hurt, he checked out the front windows to see bullet holes in the walls or windows. There was no sign of that as well. Just then, he saw a lot of people surrounding a man lying on the sidewalk of his duplex house.

A 38-year-old man was shot four times in the back. This happened at 11:50 pm on Wednesday. Benton saw the paramedical team carrying the person to an ambulance unfolds in front of his eyes.

After everyone dispersed, he saw a blood stain on his sidewalk. He started to worry about the safety and the security of his family. He has been living in this place all his life and he felt the shots very close. He said it was a horrible feeling.

The crime rates in Chicago are seeing an unprecedented rise. The man shot in the sidewalk was the 13 persons shot in Chicago on Wednesday and early Thursday. This needs to be addressed by the government pretty soon.

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