Chicago To See More Rain And Snow This Week

Chicago experienced rain and thunderstorms during Tuesday morning. By evening, Chicago had snow and cold temperature, which was uncommon during this period of the year. The rest of the week Chicago and Northwest Indiana will witness more rain and snow, according to the forecast.

There were scattered thunderstorms on Tuesday as predicted by the National Weather Service. Though meteorologists earlier predicted of less than 1/10 of an inch rainfall for Tuesday, National Weather Service updated the weather outlook by Tuesday afternoon. It warned about hazardous thunderstorms with hail and winds of 60mph speed. The service also issued, flooding, fog, and a chance of snow warning.

Overnight, the rain turned to snow with accumulation on North of Interstates 290 and 88. It is expected that the weather will improve on Wednesday, though it will remain cold.

On Thursday, a period of snow is expected due to a fast-moving atmospheric disturbance. The winter-like condition will continue until the weekend. The temperature reached as low as -4 degree Celsius on Monday, 2nd April.

Another disturbance is expected to bring wintry precipitation and snow on late Sunday and will continue till Monday, according to the weather service.

Wednesday will remain mostly cloudy. Forecasters predict a 50 % chance of snow for Thursday.

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