Finke And Lucas Announces Transfer From Illinois

The basketball roster of the University of Illinois is waiting to make new additions as Michael Finke and Te’Jon Lucas announced their plan to move from Illinois.

The transfer news was in circulation for some time and Finke made the first statement. He informed that he will not be there with Illinois for his final season.

Finke through his Twitter account stated that he is looking for another school for his final season eligibility. He did not specify the school in his statement. According to rumors, he will be approaching Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. It is expected that he wants to play the last college season with his brother Tim Finke.

During the last season, he started 25 games out of 28 he played. He missed some games in the last season due to a concussion.

He revealed through his Twitter account that it was his dream to compete in Illinois and earn a degree from the University. He is happy that he was able to achieve the goals. He thanked Coach Groce and the staff for recruiting and coaching him for three years.

He also thanked Coach Underwood and his staff for their past one-year guidance.

He is moving to a new school where he will be able to earn his Master’s degree. He also will be able to compete for final year eligibility.

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