Loyola Chicago All Set To Reach Final Four

Loyola Chicago was all at seas when they started the March Madness. But, once they started to play the game, they felt a bit confident. This confidence has helped the team to move past the round of 32. The Loyola Chicago’s game is all in the offense and they are pulling off upsets.

They have been bringing their A game in the Sweet 16 matches. They played at a slow pace in the Missouri Valley Play and they have scaled down to having 61 possessions per game from the 65 possessions. The best part about the Ramblers is that they have a very supportive squad. This is what separates them from the rest of the slow-paced teams.

The Ramblers have a 66% assist record for field goals. The assist rate of the team is 60%. It is ranked in the 24th position of the 2018 Division I.

The Loyola Chicago has got excellent ball possession skills. They are able to score at 1.07 points per possession. The offensive skills of the players along with their efficiency are what are keeping them offensively superior of their competitors.

The squad makes decent spacing of the center court and they create very good attack openings. It has also got a very good defensive side.

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