GoLookUp Announces People Search Directory

Wilmington, DE — (ReleaseWire) — 03/13/2018 –Over the past few decades there have been numerous incidences where people were deceived, injured and even killed at the hands of people they thought they knew. In many of these cases, the victims did not know their assailant for very long and did not have valuable information about them.

In order to prevent incidences of fraud, injury or worse, GoLookUp is providing users with an advanced and quick People Search service they can use at any time.

Finding Out More About People in the USA

All across the USA, governments and local authorities keep detailed records of the country's residents. These records include the life path of people and what they have done along the years. Birth records, criminal records, death records and arrest records are just part of the records that the US states hold, and many of them are open to the public, meaning they are public records.

Getting the public records is time consuming and requires going to the offices that keep them in many cases, but GoLookUp's advanced people search directory has solved this problem.

After users enter the first name, last name and state of residence of the person they have questions about, the directory conducts a full background check by scanning billions of public records and provides a detailed report about them.

The report specifies whether the person in question has a violent past, if he or she committed sexual offences, if they are lying about their identity and much more. In order to allow users to conduct an even more in-depth search, GoLookUp also provides a reverse phone search service that provides a background check based on a person's phone number.

The detailed information found on GoLookUp's people search directory lets users find out if the people they meet and know have a checkered past, and whether they are lying to them in about who they are.

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