Illinois Higher Education Is In Disarray

There is no favor for the higher education in major cities of the country and it is even worse in Illinois. The state adoption of higher education is in a state of shock. The state funding for higher education has dipped from 10 percent of the total state budget in 1978 to just 3 percent in 2014.

The state of Illinois has lost 1/3rd of its higher education funding. A survey conducted nationally has revealed that 58% of the Republicans feel that the colleges create a negative impact on the country. There are 72 percent Democrats who believe that the college sector has a positive effect on the society.

There is also clear evidence that students from Illinois have started to enroll in higher education in other states. About 49% of the students enrolled in other universities other than Illinois in 2016.

The higher education strengthening in Illinois is very important as it will help in the state’s economic development. This can be brought into effect by lowering the higher education fees.

There are meetings being held between the lawmakers, education experts and the Senators R Mahomet, Chapin Rose, Pat Maguire, and D-Joliet on how to change the Illinois higher education system and bring it to order.

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