Fight Between Chicago Jail Inmates Captured On Camera

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A bizarre incident inside the Chicago prison has put both the authorities as well as the inmates in shame. There was a jailhouse brawl that took place in the Chicago prison on February 16th. It was among the inmates of the jail.

Despite the jail having maximum security, a brawl took place in the prison premises. The worst part is that the incident was captured on the camera and the visuals are very disturbing.

The fight started with a small push. But, very soon it turned out to be a fight when one inmate started to strike blows on a prisoner. The one who got hit also retaliated and struck back. The other inmates also got involved in the fight and it soon became a brawl location.

The Cook County Sheriff’s office released the inmate fighting video. The video clearly shows several fights taking place on February 16 between the inmates. The fight took place at 9:30 pm. The brawl lasted for about 2 minutes. By that time, the prison guards stepped in to stop the fight.

The Cook County Sheriff’s office has said that 16 inmates involved in the fight were impeached for mob action. Two of the inmates had to be taken to the hospital and others received treatment in the prison itself.

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