$8.5 Billion Deal For Expansion Of O-Hare Airport On The Anvil

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The Chicago airline carriers and the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel are working hard to negotiate an $8.5 billion deal for the expansion of the O’Hare International Airport. They want to make the terminal at the airport offer world-class facilities lime other leading airports in America. The new proposal will see at least 12 new gates and a lot of concourses added to the existing ones.

If this plan gets through, it will be the single largest revamp and expansion that the O’Hare International Airport will be seen in its 73-year old history. This will also be the most expensive remodeling to be undertaken at the airport.

The Mayor and the airline carriers do not want the Chicago airport to be known for its delays and gridlocks anymore. If the expansion plan works, the O’Hare airport will have wider concourses and gates from larger aircraft to land and take off. A total of 3.1 million square feet of space will be added to the terminal. This means that the airport will see a 72 percent increase in the terminal space from its present state.

The expansion of the Chicago airport will bring in more jobs, better tourism opportunities and also an increase in the number of flights.

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