Nine Straight Days Of Snowfall In Chicago

The National Weather Service has reported that Chicago has been seeing a measurable amount of snowfall for nine days straight. This means that snowfall of over 0.1 inches or more has been hitting Chicago. This is a record of sorts for Chicago, which has seen a similar snowfall pattern only for the third time since it started maintaining records in 1885.

The weather service had warned the Chicago people that they would witness 4 inches of snow cover from Saturday night to Sunday noon. This is what the residents saw the first thing in the morning. All the roads and sidewalks that they had cleared were again covered with snow.

Stephen Rodriguez, the meteorologist, said that Chicago will not break the record of nine days continuous snow as he does not expect any snowfall for Monday. The previous year when nine-day snowing was reported was between January 6 and January 14 in 2009 and in the year 1902.

The snow that fell on Chicago for the last nine days amounts to 65 percent of the snowfall for the season. The total snowfall was below the average before this nine-day continuous snow. The cold weather and snow resulted in the cancellation of flights at the O’Hare and Midway airports.

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