Chicago Sinkhole Swallows Three Cars and Injures One Person

Police claim that a damaged watered main is responsible for causing a 40 ft. wide sinkhole in the Deering neighborhood. Initially, the sink hole opened up as a 20 ft. wide hole but by the time it had stabilized it had doubled in size and swallowed three cars and injured one person.

Police believe the incident occurred at 5:00AM at which time a parked car collapsed into it. A local man named Mirko Krivokuca attempted to circumvent the hole on his way to work when the hole opened up wider swallowing his vehicle. Krivokuca was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital but suffered nothing more serious than scratches according to his father.

Ala Oni, a neighbor of Krivokuca’s, said that she considers herself lucky not to have fallen into the hole. Another resident, Laide Giwa is upset over the whole matter. She notified authorities about the dangerous sinkhole, but by the time a tow truck arrived, it was too late to rescue her car from falling into the sinkhole. The tow truck was able to save other car which was parked along the edge.

The water main in the neighborhood is nearly one hundred years old and caused the giant sinkhole after it had ruptured.

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