Will 2018 Illinois Governor Election Be An Expensive One?

There is just over a month left for the primary elections in Illinois. The 8 governor candidates are going all out to win the elections. They have raised a total of $133 million for their election campaigning. By the looks of it, the gubernatorial election in Illinois is all set to become the most expensive elections in the history of America. It looks like it will surpass the record 2010 California governor election. The campaign collection was at $280 million then.

There is a limit in place in Illinois about how much a company or an individual can pitch in for the election campaign. It is fixed at $5,600 for an individual and $11,100 for companies. But, these limits are not going to benefit if the candidate donates $250,000 or more for their election campaign.

Three out of the eight gubernatorial candidates have pitched in more than the threshold amount for their campaigns. Governor Bruce Rauner has put in $50 million for his re-election campaign. Democrat Chris Kennedy has pitched in $1.25 million for his campaign and Democrat J.B. Pritzker has given $49.2 million for his election campaign.

This huge funding by the candidates opened doors for the rich and the famous to pitch in more money for the election campaigns of the respective candidates.

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