Chicago police officers accused of stealing drugs and money from drug traffickers

Several officers of the anti-gang group of the Chicago Police were stripped of their police powers in the midst of a federal criminal investigation into allegations that they defrauded drug traffickers, police sources told the Chicago Evening Post.

The nearly one-year investigation by the FBI and the Internal Affairs Division of the Chicago Police focused on a sergeant and several tactical officers of the Central Area anti-gang team, which operates mainly in the south and west of the city, said the sources.

The sergeant and at least three officers were stripped of their police powers, according to the sources. They are expected to be charged with criminal charges.

The sergeant is a former member of a joint working group with the FBI, the sources said. The investigation began after an informant went to the federal authorities to complain that the group had stolen it.

As part of the investigation, the federals set a trap to trap and capture members of the anti-gang group in an undercover video, a source said.

Six police officers were in federal custody, and charges were pending Wednesday morning for allegedly stealing money and drugs from drug dealers, according to a CBS Chicago report.

Police sources told CBS that the FBI carried out at least three hook operations, in which video is seen, officers steal drugs and money.

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