Tuition Rates Freezes For Illinois Residents

The board members of the University of Illinois have approved the base tuition rate freeze for incoming resident students this school year also. This is the fourth consecutive year that the tuition rates are not getting revised.

This is a move intended to attract more instate students to the three campuses of the university. The students who are Illinois residents and who get enrolled in the undergraduate courses for the year 2018-19 in Chicago, Urbana- Champaign or Springfield can benefit from this move.

Earlier this month, Timothy Killeen, the University President, announced the move to propose a base tuition fee freeze for the 4th time. The University attempted similar long-term freeze from 1974-77.

The resident students will have to pay $9,405 in Springfield campus, $10,584 in Chicago and $12,036 at Urbana–Champaign.

Only the base tuition rates will be the same. There will be additional rates for other fees and room and boarding. The students joining for important programs such as business studies and engineering will have to pay higher rates.

According to Timothy Koritz, the board chairman, Illinois is losing the resident students to colleges in other states as the rates are lower than what is prevailing in Illinois.

During fall 2016, about 19,000 students left the state to attend colleges in other parts of the country. This is the information shared with the statistical data of the National Center for Education Statistics and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

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