Amazon HQ2 in Chicago Will Improve Illinois Minority Unemployment

Amazon is looking for a second headquarter and Chicago is on the shortlist. If this becomes a reality, Chicago will enjoy $5 billion investment and above all 50,000 new jobs. The following are reasons why Chicago must allow Amazon HQ2 in its soil.

  • The minority employment will get a fillip in Chicago. This will mean that Illinois will not be the highest minority unemployment city in the state.
  • The Obama Presidential Center came out with a visionary model for minority employment in Chicago. With Amazon in the haunch, this visionary plan is sure to be exceeded.
  • The employees will get a better pay if Amazon opens its HQ2 in Chicago.
  • Amazon HQ2 in Chicago could be a game changer. It will boost the state’s overall economic impact.
  • Amazon model is known to help communities. There will be demand for the jobs and the wages will also get a boost.
  • The wealth situation of Chicago will improve thanks to the 50,000 Amazon jobs. The employees will buy or rent homes, pay taxes, pay for utility bills and also send children to school.
  • Amazon will build the state of the art headquarters in Chicago and this means more jobs, better construction costs and many more.
  • The company would look to invest in the state’s development projects and will help in improving the economy and community.

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