Innovating Medicines Is Our Goal: Illinois Med Students

There is no field in this world that does not undergo technical changes and innovation. The same goes for the medical industry. The medical students of the University of Illinois have taken the initiative to teach the students the importance of the medical industry. They are looking to give all the guidance and support needed for the students to know about the business world.

Two med students of Illinois University, Susan Doh, and Mauricio Borda, are gearing up for a big event. This upcoming event called The Future in Medicine Summit is a big event where 8 different medical schools have joined together. This is an event planned by the students of all the top medical universities in Chicago. The students did not have the opportunities to learn about what is happening in the medical world and the latest innovations that are happening through their medical curriculum.

They planned this summit to get together with their peers and other professionals from innovation and the tech industry to brainstorm and learn about what is going on actually in the medicine industry. They wanted to know more about the medicine business.

This concept originated at the University of Illinois and this finally developed into a summit that is slated to take place this Saturday.

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