Illinois Automatic Voter Registration to Start In 2018

The automatic voter’s registration of the Illinois residents is all set to kick start in 2018. The Secretary of State’s office is the first to start it. The voting details of the Illinois residents will take place when they register for their new driving license or to update it.

The Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has brought this law last year. This proposal did not get the likes first. It was disallowed and the main concern was voter fraud. There were changes made to the legislative language. The major change was that voters had the option to opt out of the automatic voter registration. Once this was introduced in the legislature, it was passed.

Karen Kinney, the Rock Island County Clerk, said that anyone applying for a driving license will get their voter’s registration done automatically. He says that thousands of voters will register through this process. This will make people from townships and wards to get their names registered so that they are not left behind.

This new law will come into effect from July 1, 2018. Illinois is the tenth state to adopt this legislation. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Veterans Affairs will complete this process by 2019.

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