Dogs Galore at Chicago Animal Care Center

There are a lot of canines housed at the Chicago Animal Care and Control now. This is turning out to be a problem for everyone at the center. The center wants more and more people to adopt the dogs at the center. They are now offering cash incentives for dog adoptions.

These animals need a home. They want to escape from the shelter and find a new place to live. But, the sad thing is that not many people are coming forward to adopt the canines. The Chicago Animal Center and Care does not have the space to house many dogs. The center is overcrowded with dogs.

Susan Russel, the executive director of the center, said that there are 293 dogs ready for adoption. She says that they are running out of space to keep the dogs. There are more dogs coming in than going out. This is a big worry for the center.

Susan says that the center is an open center for admission. They cannot turn away the animals. They welcome stray dogs, abused and neglected animals. The space in the center is not infinite at the center as animals’ come in daily. She says that she is forced to move the animals out due to lack of space. To improve more adoption, the center has started to offer $100 donated to adopters for training the adopted dog.

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