Midway Airport Cancels Flight Operations Due to Severe Cold

The flight operations came to a standstill at Midway International Airport last Thursday morning. There was a cancellation of over 80 flights on December 28 morning due to severe cold. The temperatures in Chicago hit freezing points. This was the first time that the country saw so many flight cancellations.

The skies looked clear. Passengers were wondering why so many flights got canceled despite the clear sky. At the same time, only 4 flights were canceled at the O’Hare International airport. This really upset some of the passengers.

Southwest Airlines, the low-cost carrier airline, operated 90 percent of their flights from Midway. They canceled about 12 flights due to severe cold conditions. The cold weather has slowed the operations of the Southwest Airlines. The ground crew had a tough time clearing the snow on the aircrafts.

The travelers were a frustrated lot. Many of them were not able to get to their destinations on time due to the cancellation of the Southwest flights. They got their flights re-booked after several hours of their original departures. Midway airport advised the passengers to confirm their flight status before coming to the airport. The Department of Aviation of Chicago has taken a close look at the situation and how the Southwest Airlines and the airport handled the situation.

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