Chicago Saw a Construction Boom in 2017

Chicago saw a very good development in the construction sector in 2017. There were plenty of major projects that were started in 2017. The city saw the commencement of lots of high rise constructions. Some of the major companies also changed their headquarters to Chicago.

The Chicago Mayor’s office has accounted the use of 62 construction cranes in 2017, which is a new record. There was a total of 40,000 construction permits allowed by the Department of Buildings. This is the first time in five years that the department of buildings issued so many construction permits. A total of 47 skyscrapers are under construction in Chicago right now.

The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has made the achievement of the construction milestone public through his Twitter account. He has tweeted the video of cranes working on the high-rise buildings. There was a video of the window washers, cleaning the windows of One Museum Park. The Mayor said in his tweet that the construction is booming in Chicago. The number of cranes that were in operation in Chicago during the recession was only 12.

The Chicago city is not concentrating on construction, development only. They are looking at the overall development of the city. The city departments have worked hard in 2017 to keep the streets and neighborhoods clean.

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