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CALABASAS, Calif., Jan. 2, 2018 — Nader Javadi, MD is recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Professional Member in the field of Medicine in recognition of his role as a Hematologist and Oncologist at Hope Health Center.               

An independent, private Oncological clinic located in Reseda, California, Hope Health Center specializes in Oncological and Hematology Care. Dedicated to the welfare of their patients, the team at Hope Health Center utilizes the latest technological innovations in the medical industry in an effort to ensure that their patient's needs are met.  The clinic offers, “An unlimited source of different FDA approved medications to each patient based on his/her tumor genetics and sensitivity. We call this “the third option” which is not being done in any other center around the world to our knowledge.”

For advanced cancer patients in addition to clinical trials and standard therapies there is a third option. “Precision Oncology” opens up a new way of treating cancer where there is access to any medication approved by FDA for any cancer in regards to that specific genetic marker and mutation. Each individual cancer patient is unique with respect to his/her genetic markers and need a customized therapy. This can be achieved only with experienced precision oncologists.

Amassing over twenty five years of experience in the medical industry, Dr. Javadi has served in his own private practice for the past eighteen years.  Having been inspired by his mother's death of Ovarian Cancer, Dr. Javadi dedicated his professional medical career to fighting cancer. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Javadi has gained expertise in several facets of Oncology and Hematology including, Precision Oncology, Genetic Testing, and Advanced Oncology Treatment. A triple Board Certified, Internist, Hematologist, and Oncologist, Dr. Javadi has practiced Oncology for eighteen years and practiced general medicine for twenty five years.

With his passion for his career as his driving force, Dr. Javadi established Hope Health Center in 2012 to practice “Precision Oncology” or customization of cancer therapy based on each individual's specific genetic markers in his/her tumor. With a great success rate in treating advanced terminal cancer patients by improving their quality of lives and survival, Dr. Javadi notes that some patients came out of hospice care and lived with a reasonable quality of life for a few years post hospice. With individualized therapy for cancer providing better and longer responses compared to standard therapy, Dr. Javadi has been a pioneer in this field and has created many new treatment protocols which have been reported in the literature for the first time.

Their successful results have placed them at the center of the international platform where they were approached by foreign investors to establish multiple Precision Oncology clinics around the globe. Two major multibillion dollar holdings from China have invested in his company to promote individualized cancer treatment in China and elsewhere. Assigned as the Chief Oncologist for this program for many cancer hospitals in China which will cover a population of 400 million, the clinic is the only private community oncology clinic in the world that has been involved in such a big international project. In the new joint venture with Chinese holdings Dr. Javadi acts as the medical director and CEO as well as a member of the Board of the Directors. 

Throughout the course of his education and training, Dr. Javadi attained his Medical Degree in Turkey from Ankara University in 1991. Later, Dr. Javadi would then go on to complete his internal medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and fellowship at St. Louis University.

Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCI School of Medicine, to further his professional development, Dr. Javadi is an affiliate of several organizations including the Providence Tarzana Health Center. Dr. Javadi has been in private practice since 2005.

Charitable to various organizations, Dr. Javadi is a member of the American Society of Medical Oncology in addition to many local cancer societies. Dr. Javadi established the Hope Foundation in 2016 to raise funds necessary for research in cancer and financial support for the cancer patients who have no medical coverage for their care.

When he is not working, Dr. Javadi enjoys playing single matches of tennis and being a helicopter pilot.

When asked his advice to newcomers in the industry, Dr. Javadi states you “have to love this job. Love what you do and work very hard at this very challenging field of medicine. Oncology is the fastest growing area in medicine.”

In looking to the future, Dr. Javadi hopes to expand their precision oncology clinics around the globe by training more doctors to do the same approach while reaching out and helping more people who suffer from this disease. Dr. Javadi hopes to ease their pain by improving their quality of life, spending more time in research regarding precision oncology.  

Dr. Javadi dedicates this recognition in loving memory of his mother, Farideh Besharati for believing in him and steadfastly supporting his dreams.

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