Newsco Inc. has launched a first round of financing on Fundable

DETROIT, MI – 12-22-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Newsco Inc., a Detroit USA based corporation, has launched a first round of financing on Fundable crowdfunding platform.

Newsco have developed a product, cPro, that allows companies to communicate their various messages on a digital display in a way that catches the audience attention by blending them in a flow of  news in pre-selected categories. This, and the multi channel capabilities of the product, make it simple and fast to reach with different messages different audiences in the different contexts ,where the displays are located.

The crowdfunding campaign intends to raise US$1,500,000. These funds will be used to support the marketing effort in the North American market and in selected European Countries.

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Media Contacts:

Company Name: Newsco Inc.
Full Name: Giuseppe Greco
Phone: +13132304242
Email Address: Send Email

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