H-1B Spouses Are Expected To Lose Work Authorization

Earlier this year, the US President Trump signed an executive order which is about reviewing the H-1B visa process. This is a part of his economic initiative “Buy American, Hire American”. Specifically, the 18th April order directs the State, Labor, and Homeland Security departments (DpSLHS) to “suggest changes to help and ensure that H-1B visas are awarded only to the people who are most-skilled or are highest paid petition beneficiaries.”

Few days back, the news outlets reported that the Trump administration is likely to make one of its first major and serious changes to the H-1B program. Specially, the Department of Homeland Security (DOHS) plans to remove the 2015 rule which allowed the H-1B visa holders spouses off to work legally in the United States.

According to the proposed change, H-4 dependents who are the children and spouses of H-1B workers would no longer have legal rights to work on their own. This decision of administration will make it difficult for some efficient H-1B workers to come to the United States, the reports say. This move of government seems harsh for H-1B workers and advocates have critiqued the move for expanding the H-1B program.

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