Jobless Total Of UK Defies Employment Drop To Lowest In Two Years

“Employment remains close to its highest record and while up on a year ago, it declined in comparing with the last three months”, this was revealed by Matt Hughes the senior ONS statistician. He revealed this information accompanying the release.

The average weekly earnings have risen by 2.5 percent every year in the period of three-month period of October, but it remains behind the annual inflation rate of Britain of 3.1 percent, further eroding the purchasing power workers.

In the United Kingdom, the unemployment as a whole remained at its lowest rate since 1975.

Somewhere else, according to the statistics agencies the unemployment rate stayed at 4.3 percent, and it is the lowest level since 1975, despite a quarterly fall of 56,000 in the number of people in employment.

The consumer Prices Index of Britain 12-month inflation rate has hit a high of near six-year last month, which is fuelled by the air fares, recreational goods and computer games rising price. This has been revealed by ONS on Tuesday.

“The percentage of unemployment also fell, but rise in the number was seen in the people who were neither looking for a job not working.”

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