Chicago Native Receives $106,000 Bill For Unpaid Airport Parking Tickets

Chicago resident Jennifer Fitzgerald was astonished to learn that she had outstanding airport parking tickets that totaled $106,000. A car which was registered in her name was left at Chicago O’Hare International Airport for three years and acquired a total of 678 tickets during that time. These tickets first began showing up on November 17, 2009 and continued to tally up until the vehicle was towed in October 2012.

Fitzgerald cut a deal after explaining that the vehicle had been left in the employee parking lot of the airport by an ex-boyfriend who had purchased the car, and the title had not been transferred over to his name after he purchased it.

Both Fitzgerald and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Preveau reached a settlement wherein a grand total of $4,500 will be paid. An immediate down payment of nearly $1,600 will be required followed by monthly installments of $78 until the fine is completely paid off.

Fitzgerald’s driver’s license had been suspended due to these unpaid tickets and for not appearing in court. However, she explained that she was unable to access the vehicle as it was parked in the employee lot. Now that she has come to an agreement with authorities she will also be able to get her driving privileges restored.

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