Small plane lands on main Chicago Roadway

A single-engine plane made an emergency landing early Sunday morning beside Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.

The plane, flown by John Pederson, landed unexpectedly when the elevator instrument failed on the aircraft causing it to shake uncontrollably. He was afraid that the plane was going to fall apart while in midair. Knowing the danger he was in, Pederson landed his aircraft in the northbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive close to Grant Park.

After landing the plane safely, two cars hit the left wing of the plane. Each driver continued on their way after hitting the wing of the plane without stopping to share their information with the pilot. The plane was moved off the street and into a grassy area near Grant Park shortly after coming to a stop in the roadway.

This task was performed by pushing the plane to the side of the road to make it efficient for vehicles to continue to pass on the roadway.

Thankfully traffic was minimal Sunday morning making landing much easier to maneuver.

Traffic returned to normal after the plane was moved off the roadway.
The accident is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. This should take several weeks to investigate since there was only one passenger aboard the small aircraft.

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